Feb 2019

Tendring District Council and Intergence Systems team up to showcase their Business Transformation initiative

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Representatives from across Essex District and County Councils as well as Fire were all in attendance on February 28th to learn how Tendring District Council has been supported through their business transformation.

Intergence Systems with their partners Amido and Firmstep have been working with IT teams at Tendring District Council to complete their Business Transformation project, which involved ensuring the business was not only “digital ready” for staff but also for the residents, tourists and businesses they serve.

A Recap Of The Transformation Day

The Transformation Day started with a warm welcome from Martyn Knappett, the Deputy Chief Executive of the Council. Martyn spoke on the importance of ensuring the transformation process was seamless and that the needs and wants of their staff were taken into account. This included looking at flexible working patterns, hot desking, cyber security and WIFI upgrades.

This was followed by presentations from Intergence’s CEO Peter Job, Amido’s Steve Jones and Ric Adams from Firmstep.

Peter Job said in his presentation, ‘Buy in from top executives is a must as people are key to your transformation. Using an Agile methodology; creating KPI’s, tracking performance internally and externally, retrospectives for continuous improvement will allow you to monitor your transformation project and give you the tools to adapt quickly and efficiently to change.’

John Higgins, Head of IT & Resilience at Tendring District Council explained what it was they are aiming to achieve with the project. ‘The vision is to put the community at the heart of everything we do at the council, through high quality affordable services. Providing our staff with a smarter way to work and our visitors and residents an easier way to interact with their council are two vital components of our transformation.’

The day concluded with a networking lunch and the first viewing of the Tendring District Council portion of Intergence’s new corporate video due out later this year.

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