Digital Change

At Intergence we understand how challenging it can be keeping pace with new technology. We recognise the compelling reasons your business has to embrace the digital evolution – to serve your customers better and streamline operations in order to survive, thrive and grow. We will help you solve those complex technology problems with simple solutions and ensure you achieve your digital goals at pace.

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Digital Change
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What makes Intergence different?

With you every step of the way

  • Our digital change experts and ecosystem of latest digital technologies, will support you at each and every step of your transformation journey.
  • We simplify what digital means to your business and increase the performance and success of your digital projects.
  • We help you leverage the latest digital technologies and tailor them to your exact needs.
  • We have industry-leading experience in cloud, analytics, AI, machine learning, IoT and can help you design and develop your own digital solutions based on what problem you would like to solve.
  • We help you turn your ideas into a pragmatic, shared plan for change.
  • We will help you focus on the outcomes, not just the technology, and ensure there is a process in place to plan, track and realise any benefits throughout your digital journey.
  • We believe in starting with small victories and have helped our clients find thousands of quick wins, so we know where to look and have creative ways to help you find them.
  • We provide a pragmatic, simple, clear approach to implementation, which combines the values and principles of agile and business change, which we agree with you right from the start.
  • We will make sure we leave you equipped with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to help you successfully manage digital change on a continuous and sustainable basis.
How can we help you?

Seven ways we make a difference

When you embark on digital change, one of the first and most important things to consider is your IT Infrastructure. It’s your foundation. We simplify and modernise IT Infrastructures, so they perform better, are cheaper to run, easier to manage, less vulnerable to security threats and more flexible and scalable to facilitate real digital change.

The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of enabling effective flexible working, so if you have not done already now is the time to adopt a cloud first strategy. We will help you through your entire cloud transformation journey, from helping you make the right platform and technology decisions, through to migrating on-premise services and applications to the cloud and benefits realisation.

Self-service improves customer service, productivity and boosts site traffic. It can also be extended to all parts of your business. At Intergence we’ve developed self-service approaches for commercial customers, to book space on transport, crew to access their rosters and manage their personnel affairs and maintenance, to report accidents and incidents without the need to contact the office.

Many businesses rely on a plethora of systems, spreadsheets and manual processes to manage their operations resulting in high volumes of waste, delays and errors. We help businesses reduce costs, increase efficiency and expand market share by digitising their processes, from web-based portals for employees, bespoke tablet-based planning applications, through to leveraging IOT and AI to enable businesses to pin-point and respond to service issues much faster and avoid them reoccurring.

With increasing competition and customer expectations rising it’s vital for businesses to make the online journey experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible. We help businesses improve their online customer experience, by removing friction, reducing abandonments and increasing commercial opportunities. We also develop mobile applications, which boost revenues and help you engage better with your customers.

Many businesses rely on multiple systems, databases and platforms, which makes it very difficult for IT teams to understand what is happening with their systems and data and to pin-point service problems quickly and effectively. We help businesses turn all of their data into insights and through Stratiam, provide you with a single view, without the need to log-in to multiple systems.

Managing new technology can be a real headache, especially when you need to keep your business running smoothly, securely and efficiently every day. It often needs new skills, which some businesses simply do not have. We can take this problem away from you and help you manage all of your systems and data, allowing you to focus on what really matters – your customers!

We originally engaged Intergence to help guide our digital strategy which we embarked on to help transform the way we interacted with our council users. Our priority was to transform our digital services and by moving many of our services into a secure cloud environment we have made significant financial savings. We moved our operating model to a more manageable ‘pay as you go’ revenue situation and dramatically improved the service resilience we provide to our users across all council services. Intergence has helped to support us along the whole of this journey over the last two and a half years

Ian DavidsonChief Executive at Tendring District Council

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