Business Analytics

At Intergence we sort through the noise and help you turn all your IT data into actionable insights so you can solve complex problems, transform your business performance and maximise return from your investments in IT and Digital Change.

Business Analytics
We don’t just solve the issues you know you have we find and resolve the ones you didn’t.
Why choose Intergence?

Delivering clear, actionable insight.

We solve complex IT Infrastructure and digital challenges by bringing all of your IT and business data together and translating it into actionable insights.

We identify opportunities to transform your business performance and achieve significant competitive advantage.

We make sure you achieve maximum return from your investments in IT Infrastructure and Digital Change.

What makes Intergence different?

Solving complex technology challenges since 2003

  • We are a new breed of data scientists, who not only enjoy solving complex problems, but have the curiosity to find the problems that need to be solved.
  • We have been troubleshooting and solving complex technology challenges since 2003 and have learnt the art of correlating and blending IT data across multiple industries, systems & databases.
  • We believe that real insights are only gained by spending time out in the field, walking the floor of your business, observing actual experiences and problems first-hand.
  • We are strategic and believe that key performance measures link everything together.
  • We use our deep industry knowledge, technology insights and expertise to elicit data from your organisation to drive unique opportunities, delivering competitive advantage.
  • We will help you focus on the outcomes of your project, not just the tech, and leave in place the processes you need to track, monitor and realise benefits as they are being achieved.
  • We have used our deep data know how and analytics experience to develop our own data management platform, called Stratiam, which helps you blend and correlate your IT and business data from multiple sources in real time.
  • Our goal is to deliver real, valuable insights into your customers and business.
Solving complex technology challenges since 2003
Focus on outcomes, not technology.

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How can we help you?

We believe that real insights about your customers and end-users are only achieved by walking in their shoes and not from behind a desk. We will spend time walking the floor of your business, observing behaviours, measuring activities, tracking journeys and talking to your customers and teams. Typical outcomes are lots of quick wins and benefit opportunities as well as a high-level set of requirements for a technical solution to your problem.

We work with our clients to conduct a thorough review of all their analytics and reporting capabilities in order to identify opportunities to simplify and derive better business decisions.

Too often IT and change projects tend to focus on the technology rather than the outcomes you are trying to achieve. Our team combines years of experience developing benefits management processes, to help you identify, define, plan, track and realise the benefits of your project. We can also use Stratiam, as a tool to help you visualise benefits, often in real time, as they are being achieved.

Our team uses very simple tools and techniques to help you understand and resolve issues within applications, the way they interplay with your end-users and IT Infrastructure and how they can be optimised to improve performance. We also have experience of running and operating the majority of APM tools in the market including Dynatrace, Thousand Eyes and AppDynamics, and can help you get the most out of them.

With over 300 different tools on the market, it can be difficult to find the one that best fits your business. We manage the IT Infrastructures of many of our clients and can help you make the right decisions on the best tooling as well as quickly turning the data they provide into valuable insights and opportunities for improvement. Whether your requirement is to gather data and develop insights from your logs, routers, switches, devices, applications or any integrated cloud-based solution we can help you.

Enabling you to correlate and blend data from your IT Infrastructure, external markets, customers, end-users and business to develop real actionable insights, which will not only transform performance, but also help you predict future trends. We have helped many businesses achieve significant savings, as well as increase market share and achieve competitive advantage by getting the most out of all of their data.

Stratiam is our unique infrastructure and data visualisation tool solution, designed by our in-house data analytics team to help our clients solve the issue of data complexity and deliver significant performance improvement. Stratiam automates the correlation and blending of data from multiple sources from your IT Infrastructure, including your networks, data centres, firewalls and applications with business performance data to develop unique insights in real time. Stratiam’s predictive monitoring capability will not only help you prevent IT problems from occurring, but will also identify unique market opportunities, which will transform your business and help you achieve significant competitive advantage.

Intergence help you sort through the noise, by simplifying and consolidating swathes of highly complex data into a single source of truth, from which you can extract powerful insights to improve business performance and achieve competitive advantage.

A wealth and breadth of relevant experience

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At Intergence, we look to empower CIO’s, CTO’s, IT & Bus iness Leaders and Digital Change & Transformation professionals to think and act differently.

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