Making waves with agile digital transformation


Our client is a long-established ferry company that provide passenger and freight services. It now operates a variety of routes and carries over 1 million passengers, 200,000 passenger vehicles and over 100,000 freight vehicles each year. Today its fleet includes a fast car ferry, a freight-only vessel, a conventional car, passenger and freight ship and a high-speed trimaran.


In recent years, the company has faced growing competition from budget airlines and high levels of dissatisfaction. To retain and expand market share, it was essential for our client to improve both its offering and to reinvigorate its customer service experience. Unfortunately, there was a major obstacle – the company’s IT infrastructure. The usual plethora of unintegrated systems, common to many organisations, relied on a lot of manual intervention and unstructured processes that led to needless mistakes and time-consuming troubleshooting. Worse, multiple databases made it all but impossible to integrate customer information in one place, leading to lost opportunities. To address the issue, our client initiated a five-year plan to achieve reputational recovery and growth with digital transformation at its heart. Within 18 months, the company had identified some 300 changes it needed to make. This, in turn, created a new problem: how to turn so many insights into a realistic action plan for change?

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