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5 reasons why we updated our website.

Anthony Osborn Anthony Osborn   Dec 2019   3 min read
stratiam, Intergence
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My son doesn’t know it yet, but he will be getting a new bike for Christmas. The last one served its purpose at the time but he has simply outgrown it and it is now time for a faster, lighter version with gears, lights, and all the bells & whistles. 

Ding ding. Lucky boy. 

In many ways an outgrown bike is a good visual metaphor for our old website. It did its job at the time but for several reasons it was long due an overhaul.  

1. We make products now

2019 saw Intergence invest heavily into our operational intelligence platform; Stratiam. We’ve hired more developers and have put world-class tech stacks in place to support our core technology here. However, as we built new features into Stratiam Insights and began to onboard our eager early adopters, it quickly became clear we needed a website to reflect our product-based offering. Essentially Stratiam is a cloud-based product, there isn’t something you can physically handle or show - but you still need to demonstrate its many capabilities. So the needs here are different to our service-based arm of Intergence. Which meant the website needed a re-think. 

2. Keeping things simple

In the words of da Vinci; “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. We’ve worked hard to get clean navigation, text descriptions, easy-to-understand graphics and other features to make our Intergence website more pleasurable to use and navigate. This has been achieved by the use of colours and theming. We certainly haven’t reached perfection here but this is the end goal we are striving for. 

3. Lightning fast performance

Our previous site had, after several years of bolting different bits on, become a bit, erm ‘clunky’. Page scripts may have been conflicting, total page file sizes had got a little unwieldy as various images were added in. The new site has extremely lean code, lightweight SVG images and other speed improvements. A before and after comparison on the Google Pagespeed Tool shows our score here going from 29% => 100% (desktop) or 20% => 94% (mobile). 

4. Fully responsive

When we started Intergence in 2004, the mobile internet wasn’t really a thing. Screens were tiny and network speeds were slow and expensive. Now internet activity [in the UK] on mobile devices accounts for greater than 50% of total usage, and a similar percentage for online purchases. We wanted to make the Intergence website experience great on all devices. 

5. We’ve grown

Alongside our new hires we made in 2019 we’ve also massively grown our office space by taking over a new building at our Pampisford HQ. This is a gorgeous new work environment, complete with games room, table football, arcade machines, pool and so on... These changes have made a positive impact on our work-based culture, and one we hope our new website can help us brag about! 

If you haven’t yet seen this new office environment. Pop by and visit us. We’d love to hear more about your current challenges and interesting ways we can work together in 2020. 

We also love feedback. So if you’ve got any thoughts on the new website - we’d love to hear.

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