Oct 2016

Old McDonald’s farm went digital, C-I-C-I-O

Peter Job

So exciting times as we relaunch and rebrand Intergence. What became apparent when we started this process is how necessary it was. The work we were doing for our customers had become increasingly disconnected from what our online presence suggested our capabilities were! What was also interesting was thinking about how the conversations have changed – from where we were only three years ago to today.

The Challenge Of Digital Evolution

Back then most of the same buzzwords were still in use ‘Cloud’, ‘DevOps’ and the like but they were viewed more as things for the testing environments, curiosities for the R&D teams to prod at. Additionally, the CIO was allegedly under threat from the Chief Digital Officer, we had high hopes for the Nokia/Microsoft merge and I had no children, but much more money and sleep.

What we’re being asked for now-a-days, even from hardened “on premise” businesses like banks, is how to implement and use these disruptive technologies, services and methodologies. Digital Performance Management is becoming much more important and CIOs fear that they will be left behind, perhaps fatally as the digital landscape changes. We’ve found that many CIOs and their teams are trying to implement tools and techniques without knowing exactly what it is they are trying to do or why. We’ve been using our knowledge of the tooling, but also of CIO worries to make sure that they get the necessary business buy in and implement what they need to achieve their goals rather than trying a smorgasbord of everything from the larder shelf. We’ve found that most digital transformations are starting to accommodate an increasingly fickle customer and trying to keep ahead of an accelerating innovation curve.

Old McDonald’s farm has successfully gone digital – thanks to a solid strategy and sensible investments in happy customers.

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Written By
Peter Job CEO

As founder and CEO, Peter has spent 16 years helping IT executives retain control of their digital ecosystems. After starting Intergence in 2003 Peter went on to create Hyperglance, the world’s first 3D visualisation tool for IT infrastructure and application process flows. He has brought that expertise to bear in the creation of Stratiam – Intergence’s cornerstone technology platform. Previously Peter held senior sales and management positions at Gandalf, Alcatel, ThruPoint and Omnetica. Outside of technology, his passions include sport and if he wasn’t running Intergence he would love to be part of an F1 pit crew.