The Christmas winners and losers and does their Digital presence affect the results?
Jan 2019

Love it or hate it, Christmas shopping is part and parcel of the season but how did UK retailers fare this year? There were clear winners and losers on the high street with Debenhams so far taking the biggest hit with like for like sales 5.7% down in the 18 weeks to 5th Jan.

Is Black Friday now Digital Friday?
Nov 2018

In case you didn’t know today is Black Friday, the American import that took the UK by storm a few years ago. Does it now have the same momentum as it did when it launched in UK stores in 2013?

A tale of two retailers - Digital need not be painful and can be very profitable
Jan 2018

For the majority of us who are returning to work after the Christmas break, apart from the cold weather, diets and “dry January”, one of the first things that we usually read about is the retail results from the festive period.

CIO Enabled Digital Transformation
Dec 2016

I have to confess that whilst I love visiting my customers as I travel around the UK, actually the method of transport is almost always painful.

Why Black Friday is a red herring for IT retail leaders
Nov 2016

Call me old-fashioned, but I have never really got what all the fuss is about with Black Friday which rears its ugly head again tomorrow. Retailers seem to get very worked up about it, but probably not as much as the customers, and it always seems to be a lot of hype about nothing.