Managed Services

7 practical digital strategies to help councils reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction
Dec 2020

Councils across the UK are under increasing pressure to reduce business costs, whilst improving customer experience and customer satisfaction. Digital change is widely seen by the sector as the main way to deliver better services and make better use of public funds.

5 key secrets to empower and retain your workforce using the latest digital tools and insights
Sep 2020

The pandemic has created new challenges to organisations across most industries, that many were not prepared for, none more so than the travel and transportation sector.  Although leisure travel has resumed and the demand on freight services is rising, there still remains extreme uncertainty in the industry. The pressure on margins and market share is higher than ever before. As a result companies are looking for new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency throughout their organisations and Human Resource departments are not immune from that drive.




Transforming the Home Working Experience
Sep 2020

Working from home has become the ‘new normal’ for most people during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and based on recent surveys, nearly half of employees working from home want to continue with this. Businesses are now turning to their trusted network partners to show them a quick, simple and affordable way to transform unreliable and ‘flaky’ home broadband into a secure, resilient and performant extension to the corporate WAN and Cloud services.

Business Continuity from home
Mar 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has made all of us realise how vulnerable we can be to an unexpected event which is almost impossible to plan for from a business perspective

Is your call centre fit for purpose?
Feb 2020

Everyone has a horror story to tell about customer service lines. There are the call centres that put you in a queue for hours before answering. There are the ones you can’t get through to in the first place.

Streamlining Cyber Risk Visibility
Nov 2019

It is well recognised that maintaining a good track record in information security management is now, on the whole, a significant board-level agenda item. From an HM Government perspective, cyber security is in the top four national threat categories and therefore should be a key business objective.

True or False? The top myths when hiring a Managed Service Provider busted
Apr 2019

Deciding to invest in an IT managed service is a big one, and I am sure you have all heard the horror stories and of course the successes.

Five advantages of a managed service provider
Dec 2018

During the last few years an upward trend has been seen of companies engaging managed IT service providers to work alongside or in place of internal IT teams.

Cloud Strategy - how to prevent cloud meltdown during 2017
Jan 2017

Five tips on executing a successful cloud strategy and safeguarding key application migration through digital performance analytics.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits and Wine Maturity: they are different right?
Oct 2016

Having just returned from a holiday in Italy and eaten and drunk far too much fine wine and pasta, I returned to the office and was struck by some of the claims being made about cloud computing by the big cloud service.

Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring using Stratiam
Oct 2016

Corporations of all sizes today rely totally on the applications powering their businesses. Operation teams work 24/7/365 providing around-the-clock monitoring and support services to ensure those applications are running optimally, and more importantly prioritised as demand is required.