IT Infrastructure

COVID 19 risks for IT Infrastructure and how security risks can be mitigated
Apr 2020

One of the critical areas which have been severely tested during this terrible crisis has been our ability to manage and support our national IT infrastructure.

The benefits of switching to an SD-WAN service for your network infrastructure transformation
Jan 2020

As we start a new decade, we should reflect a little on the last. Giant leaps in technology have resulted in the shrinking of the ‘on-prem’ footprint. Businesses have taken decisions to transition to cloud-based services and embrace new technologies

Better network and data security for less - some tips for local authorities
Sep 2019

Data and network security are hot topics for all public sector organisations, and local authorities are no exception.

‘Network First’ For Digital Transformation
Feb 2019

Deciding to start your digital transformation journey is half the battle; the other half is deciding where to start…

Next-Gen Netflow Security Management
Oct 2017

Software Defined Networks, whether we talk about SDN or SD-WAN, are the latest and greatest technology step-changes within all facets of networking. For generations, we have been using good old SNMP to perform regular monitoring of our network infrastructure

How to use analytics in IT infrastructure to achieve performance improvements
Apr 2017

A new golfing season awaits at Augusta! For the majority of golf fans, this Thursday marks the start of the golf season with the first “major” of the calendar.

Cloud Strategy - how to prevent cloud meltdown during 2017
Jan 2017

Five tips on executing a successful cloud strategy and safeguarding key application migration through digital performance analytics.

Why APM could be the best Christmas present for Digital Transformation
Dec 2016

As the festive season enters its final week, my wife always laughs at me as I have historically left all my Christmas shopping to the last minute. I find that I can usually get some great bargains and also shop on a relatively quiet Christmas Eve after the crowds have gone and I have finished my work.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits and Wine Maturity: they are different right?
Oct 2016

Having just returned from a holiday in Italy and eaten and drunk far too much fine wine and pasta, I returned to the office and was struck by some of the claims being made about cloud computing by the big cloud service.