Digital Change

Digitising your freight operations – How to reduce costs, increase efficiency and expand market opportunities
Jul 2020

Over the past four months, organisations across most industries have had to adapt their ways of working, almost overnight. COVID-19 has created new challenges that many were not prepared for, none more so than the travel and transportation (T&T) industry.

May 2020

COVID-19 is driving significant change across many sectors, none more so than those in the travel sector and the essential transportation of people, goods and infrastructure.

Reflection on 30 years in IT and why nationalism is for the pigeons
Dec 2019

I celebrated two birthdays yesterday, the most important one being that I turned 60, but also that its exactly 30 years since I entered the IT industry. Since I started a lot has fundamentally changed, almost all for the better.

‘Network First’ For Digital Transformation
Feb 2019

Deciding to start your digital transformation journey is half the battle; the other half is deciding where to start…

The Christmas winners and losers and does their Digital presence affect the results?
Jan 2019

Love it or hate it, Christmas shopping is part and parcel of the season but how did UK retailers fare this year? There were clear winners and losers on the high street with Debenhams so far taking the biggest hit with like for like sales 5.7% down in the 18 weeks to 5th Jan.

Is Black Friday now Digital Friday?
Nov 2018

In case you didn’t know today is Black Friday, the American import that took the UK by storm a few years ago. Does it now have the same momentum as it did when it launched in UK stores in 2013?

How Digital Transformation Can Improve Customer Experience in the Public Sector
Nov 2018

The hype around digital transformation is certainly a game changer for businesses, but in today’s blog I want to discuss how it can affect and improve the public sector

Digital Transformation from the CFO point of view...
Oct 2018

As a CFO, you have to be analytical on every project that comes your way for approval. When someone suggests digitally transforming the whole business, you want to know what the benefits are from the project and will this achieve a positive ROI?

Digital transformation in the UAE
Sep 2018

Anybody who regularly returns to Dubai cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer scale and automation of Dubai’s main airport. This ranges from being told as you are still on the aircraft that your bag will be “available on carousel 5” to presenting your passport via a digital signature on a credit card.

A tale of two retailers - Digital need not be painful and can be very profitable
Jan 2018

For the majority of us who are returning to work after the Christmas break, apart from the cold weather, diets and “dry January”, one of the first things that we usually read about is the retail results from the festive period.

6 tips for monitoring and managing digital journeys
Nov 2017

Those of you have been following my blog over the last few months will know that I have been going on at length about CIO’s and IT leaders still getting to grips with DevOps and containers and why it is important for digital transformation.

How to Deliver Customer Focused Digital Services or Die
Oct 2017

As most of you know, Intergence are specialists in making IT infrastructure work more efficiently. Over the last two years we have become more and more involved in digital transformation initiatives where there is always a big emphasis on moving as much as possible into the cloud.

CIO tips for managing software development
Aug 2017

The recent wet weather has reminded me of the floods which were experienced during the Spring of 2014 and the havoc that it wreaked on local residents and businesses. Subsequent studies called for better dredging by the Environment Agency which inevitably became politically charged.

Questioning your digital assistant for self-soothing in the workplace
Jun 2017

Just because data is there it doesn’t mean it’s useful, it could also be wrong or even misleading in the wrong context. One current trendy feature I’m encountering almost all the time seems to be the addition of functionality to allow you to talk to your applications

IoT enters the trough. Of disillusionment? Nope - the farmyard...
May 2017

Whilst at a recent technology event in London I had a strange experience. Having been at a large tech event to look at the latest and greatest ideas and solutions I decided on a whim to pop into the industrial cleaning event next door for a change of pace.

Why CIO’s are failing to achieve optimal digital performance
Mar 2017

Lack of visibility causes major impairments to most projects. In my travels across the UK and also to the Middle East, I regularly meet CIO’s who are in various stages of either thinking about or have embarked upon a digital transformation programme