Business Analytics

Performance analytics creates the perfect run
Jun 2020

Measuring performance improves the team and the outcomes in sport and in business, CIO Community Editor Mark Chillingworth reports on the debate he moderated for Intergence

May 2020

“Why guess when you can know” was Michael Schumacher’s race engineer’s mantra according to Steve Ingham in his book “How to support a champion.”

Stratiam DataOps Eradicates Enterprise Silo’s of Data
Jan 2018

Stratiam DataOps provides unparalleled insight into Enterprise business operations where blending data from multiple business sources provides visualisation of business finances, service delivery performance and customer experience.

6 tips for monitoring and managing digital journeys
Nov 2017

Those of you have been following my blog over the last few months will know that I have been going on at length about CIO’s and IT leaders still getting to grips with DevOps and containers and why it is important for digital transformation.

How to Deliver Customer Focused Digital Services or Die
Oct 2017

As most of you know, Intergence are specialists in making IT infrastructure work more efficiently. Over the last two years we have become more and more involved in digital transformation initiatives where there is always a big emphasis on moving as much as possible into the cloud.

Next-Gen Netflow Security Management
Oct 2017

Software Defined Networks, whether we talk about SDN or SD-WAN, are the latest and greatest technology step-changes within all facets of networking. For generations, we have been using good old SNMP to perform regular monitoring of our network infrastructure

Monitoring The Unimaginable
Sep 2017

In the world of IT and technology this week we have certainly had some step-change announcements, especially from Apple with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X (10). I also had a meaningful conversation with a group of IT professionals about monitoring systems and how the recent Gartner announcement that the BIG-4 ITOM BSM tools were dead!

CIO tips for managing software development
Aug 2017

The recent wet weather has reminded me of the floods which were experienced during the Spring of 2014 and the havoc that it wreaked on local residents and businesses. Subsequent studies called for better dredging by the Environment Agency which inevitably became politically charged.

Questioning your digital assistant for self-soothing in the workplace
Jun 2017

Just because data is there it doesn’t mean it’s useful, it could also be wrong or even misleading in the wrong context. One current trendy feature I’m encountering almost all the time seems to be the addition of functionality to allow you to talk to your applications

How to use analytics in IT infrastructure to achieve performance improvements
Apr 2017

A new golfing season awaits at Augusta! For the majority of golf fans, this Thursday marks the start of the golf season with the first “major” of the calendar.

Why CIO’s are failing to achieve optimal digital performance
Mar 2017

Lack of visibility causes major impairments to most projects. In my travels across the UK and also to the Middle East, I regularly meet CIO’s who are in various stages of either thinking about or have embarked upon a digital transformation programme

Does IT Performance really matter to CIO’s?
Mar 2017

Can analytics help to make “marginal gains” across digital transformation? Last week I was lucky enough to meet some sports professionals who really do know how to extract better performance from the sports stars they manage.

Crossing the Digital Chasm...
Feb 2017

Trying to avoid falling off the cliff before you start – with good planning and measurement! Whilst I was on holiday I decided to pick up an old book which I was given a few years ago about technology companies and why many of them fail, but for a few they manage to succeed and flourish

Why Black Friday is a red herring for IT retail leaders
Nov 2016

Call me old-fashioned, but I have never really got what all the fuss is about with Black Friday which rears its ugly head again tomorrow. Retailers seem to get very worked up about it, but probably not as much as the customers, and it always seems to be a lot of hype about nothing.